The Season of Giving

Giving Tree

The mission of the Giving Tree outreach, is to furnish Christmas gifts to parents in Believers Church who have found themselves financially unable to provide for their children this year.

Then after a Sunday service, Families are encouraged to chose tickets to sponsor. Once the gifts are purchased, they are asked to return them to the church.  The church asks the parents in need to pick up the gifts, instead of giving them directly to the kids, so the children don’t necessarily have to know where they came from. Believers Church feels that It’s important to us to empower the parents to give the gifts themselves, that’s why we don’t have the kids come in and receive them from the church.” The gifts are wrapped and placed in black bags to help conceal them from the children.

If you find yourself in hardship, or wish to sponsor a gift, contact Believers Church directly to find out how to participate.

Group of packed Christmas gifts on table in front of camera against xmas tree